In the mid 60s a young entrepreneur arrives in San Clemente driven by a great passion: fishing.
Not surprisingly, that region of the Argentinian Sea is commonly referred to "the white sea-bass paradise" a well deserved fame for the excellence and quantity of fishing its waters offer.
The young entrepreneur returns again and again and literally falls for the beach and the town. In 1974 he decides it is time to do more than fishing fabulous sea-basses in San Clemente del Tuyú and during the following year, together with a group of investors, he acquires a piece of land to build a hotel.
They foresee a promising touristic future for the place where Mundo Marino could also be anticipated.

The inauguration of Gran Hotel Fontainebleau, with an unforgetable party by the sea coincides with the upsurge of democracy in Argentina, and was attended by important local personnalities: Mayor Dr. Arturo Magadan, Parson Isidro Fernández Blanco and the newly elected Mayor Dr. Juan de Jesús.

Gran Hotel Fontainebleau started with the primary objetive of offering excellent service. In order to achieve this ambitious aim the family itself saw to it by means of a pemanent evaluation and correction, anticipating the requirements of exigent customers and the touristic industry, an attitude that ultimately led to the organization of congresses, conferences, seminars and launching of products.

In the early 80s many companies started to carry out this kind of events in places afar from "the city", where a higher quality of attention was posible thanks to a comfortable, relaxed place both for the local and international tourist.
Gran Hotel Fontainebleau was a pioneer in this kind of events in the area, the first one taking place in 1985: The Asociación de Hoteles, Confiterías y Afines gathered people from all over the country.
In 86-87 more than 800 participants attended the Provincia de Buenos Aires Gynecology and Oncology Congress. From then on San Clemente started attracting other companies which found in Gran Hotel Fontainebleau the ideal place for their meetings.

Hotels and Tourism Congresses take place each year at Gran Hotel Fontainebleau, which also hosts the yearly Fundación Vida Silvestre Founders' Workshop.

In 1995 the great Blue Ribbon of Popularity Annual Meeting takes place, condecorating Gran Hotel Fontainebleau. That same year Gran Hotel Fontainebleau opens its doors to the 10th Congress of Tourism organized by Subsecretaría de Turismo de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.

During 1996 heavy investing is made to carry out the most ambitious remodelling project from its inauguration, in order to enhance service, to meet a more exigent touristic demand.
In 1997, during the Awards Dinner Party the Hotel was once more rewarded with the Blue Ribbon of Popularity Award.

The need to satisfy a sophisticated demand is covered today with state of the art technology: new safes in every room, magnetic locks, enhanced elevators and the installation of a new heating and hot water system.

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